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The Arab Quarter holds workshops with TAQ Band at exclusive dance studios The Place, London. These workshops give the unique opportunity to dance with The Arab Quarter Band in a private and focussed setting where the emphasis is on making dancers relax in every way so that they may fully connect with all aspects of the workshop from their own well being and feel good factor, which is crucial, to the music in hand, to the challenges they are given. These workshops are greatly enjoyed by all and dancers leave having had a rich learning time and a happy time. Many go on from these workshops to enjoy dancing at The Arab Quarterly and their performances benefit enormously from this experience. It is a way to get spotted to dance at The Arab Quarterly! Places are always limited and early booking is essential.

The Arab Quarter Live Band Workshop
Sunday 2 December 2018

Exploring choreography concepts and detailing, and improvisation with Melanie Norman, Hassan Mostafa, George Dergham and Emile Bassili. 

This is an exceptional chance to dance with outstanding Arabian musicians who have a remarkable heritage of privileged music making at the top of their fields. That includes being part of many famous orchestras and ensembles over many decades of professional experience. We are lucky enough in London to enjoy the profound artistry of Emile Bassili who graced the legendary orchestra of Umm Kulthoum; to enjoy the expressive and soulful singing and tabla playing of Hassan Mostafa who was part of the Page/Plant World Tour in their Oriental Band; and to enjoy the unique musicianship of George Dergham who to this day is called to many parts of the Arab world to play keyboard. These highly gifted musicians can reference a huge repertoire of songs, playing from heart with ease and fluidity as part of their unique Arabian aural tradition.

Melanie Norman has trained relentlessly in dance for the past 18 years and this continues: attendance at over 20 Nile Group Festivals and many other festivals of note in Europe with many talented and well known Egyptians. Next up is Mazagat Festival in Bari, Italy this December. Melanie takes class twice a week at ex-Royal Ballet/ENB professional ballet dancer, Louise Bracey’s classes (www.adultballetclasses.co.uk) and is currently planning to take a new jazz class at Pineapple Dance Studios in London, following ten years of excellent jazz training in Bath. Melanie has choreographed and staged many intricate group dances and solo dances, and enjoys both choreography and improvisation with a passion in the field of Egyptian dance. Her dance is elegant, lyrical and expressive with a strong sense of creativity.

This is where we look to cast dancers for The Arab Quarterly, our well known long running (28 shows to date) live music and dance stage show in London, and where our established followers deepen their skills.  Max 20 dancers.

The Place, 17 Dukes Road, London WC1H 9PY
Registration: 13.45
Start: 14.00 prompt
Finish: 18.00


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