The Arab Quarterly

London’s Arabic live music and dance stage show

The Arab Quarterly is London’s only long running live Arabic music and dance stage show and as of April 2018 has produced 27 shows with The Arab Quarter Band and hundreds of dancers, many of standing as well as gifted dance enthusiasts. This show has taken place at Islington Assembly Hall and Hoxton Hall, London. This delightfully inclusive show has drawn many a diverse audience and one of the features of the night is our popular “audience boogie” in both halves of the programme! The Arab Quarterly celebrates famous numbers from Umm Kulthoum, Abdel Halim, Warda, Wahab and other classics as well as more popularised numbers of different styles. The emphasis is on a refined and yet fun presentation of Arabic dance as an art form in a theatrical setting. The Arab Quarterly is entirely self funded with proceeds of Melanie Norman’s teaching helping to support the costs of this unique contribution. As such Melanie Norman discovered the joy of creating group choreography, being the only way to keep this much loved show going. Hence The Arab Quarter Dance Company was born. This discovery shapes the future of The Arab Quarter as new outlets for her passion for creating choreography and teaching are developed.

The date - and the new venue - for the next Arab Quarterly will be announced very soon!  

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